Braintree by using an old version of the PrestaShop module

Dear Braintree customer,

You are accessing this page because you intend to onboard Braintree by using an old version of the PrestaShop module.
A new version of the official Braintree module (V 1.1.1) is currently available for Prestashop 1.7 :

By using this new module, you will benefit from all the last enhancements made in the Braintree module, including a new and easier onboarding process.

We strongly advise you to download and install the V 1.1.1 official Braintree module in order to simply enter your Braintree credentials and start accepting payments from cards and numerous payment methods.

If you see this page but :
– you have already finished your onboarding by using the old version of the module;
– you can’t install and configure the new module (for example if you are using an old PrestaShop version);
– you are currently accepting payments on your e-shop;
=> Please do not revoke the actual PrestaShop application OAuth within your Braintree Control Panel, this could prevent your e-shop to continue receiving payments.

If you face any problem or issue, do not hesitate to directly contact our support by posting you question on this page: