Synchronize products

Exporting products to eBay:

Synchronise products

To add products on eBay, go in left menu listings -> and select “List products”.

Click Add to open the window “Add a product”. Four steps are required :

Step 1/4 :
– Choose prestashop categories
– Sales Conditions (depending of your eBay account)



Step 2/4 : 
Associate Prestashop characteristics with eBay’s characteristics



Step 3/4 : 
Check / unchek to confirm the product listings to add on eBay



Step 4/4 :
This step display your selection summary  : Check it and then save.

Synchronised catégories listing
Just after saving, the categories listing is updated.
Depending on your  synchronisation mode , listings selected will be updated / created on ebay :
– Immediatly (classic mode)
– By CRON task (recommanded)

How a CRON task synchronization works for eBay 2

Synchronisation in progress

You can see on your profil  “task/ jobs” in progress.
Refresh the page to update visualisation of progress