Business Policies

Overview Business Policies are information about payment, delivery and return, that you specify in your eBay account. To know more Business Policies interest and how active for your eBay account, please read this article on eBay.   Pre requires For use this function in you module eBay. You must create at least one Return policy and one Payment Policy on eBay, and use them in the module. This is how to create Business Policies on eBay :

  • Go to My eBay > AccountBusiness policies.
  • Click the Create policy button and select a policy type.
  • Enter a name and description for your policy.
  • Select details about your policy and click Save.

create-business-policies After that, you have to click Reload Business Policies into your Module eBay in order to retreive last Business Policies to your module.   Operation 1 – Create Return policy & Payment policy on eBay. If policies does not appears in 7 – Business Policies, please click on Reload Business Policies as shown below :   After: 2 – Shipping policies are automaticaly created by eBay module on eBay, based on module shipping configuration (tab 2. Dispatch and Shipping)   Note: If you do not want to use Business Policies, you must deactivate them on your eBay account, and then regenerate token inside eBay module. To disable the Business Policies yo can click the Disable link located at the top right of the page (My eBay> Account> Business Policies). Disabling has no effect on the payment, delivery, and return information that you specify in your current listings or in your scheduled listings.