Category definition & upgrade

About category definition

For each eBay category, a definition is published by eBay. This definition includes category name, as well as various data a listing can contain in this catgeory, including item specifics, both optional and mandatory.

Each time eBay changes data related to a listing, a new category definition is issue by eBay.

For example: say ” TShirt ” category does not contain attribute “Size”. When eBay adds this characteristic, a new definition will be issued for the ” Tshirt” category.

Why update category definition ?

Ebay module for PrestaShops uses category definitions available at setup, when merchant creates category matching.

When a category is updated, eBay module for PrestaShop continues to use the category definition downloaded at setup. Generally, eBay allows use of old definition, except in very special cases.

It would be impossible to automatically update category definition because configuration of item specifics must be performed manually by the merchant.

In our previous example, merchant has setup eBay module for PrestaShop when “TShirt” category did not include a “Size” attribute. When a new category definition is issued in order to add “Size”, eBay module for PrestaShop will still use old definition whith no “Size”.

Please note : in PrestaShop, “Size” can be stored using product combination, or product attribute, and, in the 2 cases, name is free, si automatic matching is not possible.

For some categories , definitions are updated several times a year . In order to create listing with a maximum of attribute, you should update category definition.

How to know if my category definitions are up to date ?

In eBay module for PrestaShop version 1.13.1, 202 ecommerce introduced 2 new tools dedicated to category definitions :

1 : definition comparaison tool

This button will not update category definition, it will compare module used category definitions to last version available on eBay site. You can use this tool as often as needed, and decided after comparison to update categories, or not !

If you click on the button “Start comparison”, the eBay module will compare the categories you currently have on the module and the lastest versions available on the eBay platform.

2 : definition update tool

This button will start category definition update (see step by step below), keep in mind it will be necesssay to configure manually again all category matching and all item specifics, synchronisation with eBay will not work anymore until the matching has been done, and there is no possible cancel.


Be carreful : once update is finished, you need to configure again category matching and item specifics. Synchronisation will not work until you setup again matching and item specifics.