37 – Input data for tag is invalid or missing.

Error with more variations
– Item.PictureDetails.PictureURL
– Item.Seller Profiles.Seller Payment Profile.Payment Profile ID

37: Item.Seller Profiles.Seller Payment Profile.Payment Profile ID

Résolution :  You must clear prestashop cache.

37 : Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation. Item.ShippingDetails* “

( Item.ShippingDetails is an exemple)


Must verify that currencies match. Specifically, the currency of your shop must match the currency of your shipping options. For example: orders for eBay.co.uk – all transactions must be made in Pounds, and all shipping options will charge in Pounds. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.07.00 PM

To change this, or to have the option to set payment currencies, go to Localization (on PrestaShop main menu), and import the appropriate country information. This will allow the module more currency options in Settings > Account Settings. Then verify that all currency settings are similar.

37 : Les données saisies pour la balise sont manquantes ou ne sont pas valides. Veuillez consulter votre documentation de l’API. Item.SellerProfiles.SellerShippingProfile.ShippingProfileID


eBay API refused listing because one of eBay carriers you selected is not valid.

Carrier list provided by eBay contains invalid carriers ! This is due to the fact that carrier validity depends on many parameters, including eBay account, product, payment, etc… When configuring eBay module, you have choosen an invalid carrier in your context.


You have to change invalid carrier in module configuration, and choose another carrier.

1 – Identify carrier

2 – Click to change carrier
3 – Click “Save”, then launch a new synchronisation.

37 : Input data for tag <Item.PictureDetails.PictureURL> is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.

The eBay API is refusing listing because of the photos dimensions of the produit.


Please delete the item’s photos in your PrestaShop catalog that gives the error in the eBay module and upload them again, but with a smaller dimension.
Then, please try again the synchronization.