Duplicate Listings

Why sometimes listings, instead of updating, duplicate themselves?

With this article, we’ll try to give an explanation to this question. The problem of duplicate listings concerns a minority of users (-1%), but it is still a delicate question. We are always looking for a definitive solution to this problem, which is not necessarily a bug, but may be caused by a specific use of the eBay2 module from the customer.

Here is what we discovered. Before publishing or modifying products on eBay, our module looks in the database and:

– if the product does not exist, it will create it on eBay

– if the product already exists, it will modify it.

So, if it creates duplicates, means it did not find the original listing in the database. So, it will publish it again.  It means that the original listing has been deleted in the database. Based on this information, we advise you not to delete / edit listings directly on eBay, if they have already been synchronized with our module.

To modify a product, thank you to do it directly on PrestaShop, the listing on eBay will update automatically.

To delete a listing on eBay, please do not do it directly on eBay !! We strongly advise you to follow these steps:

– In the module, disable the category with a product you want to delete. This operation will create a task that when completed, will create orphan listing in our module;

– In the module, go to tab “orphan listings” and find the product you just disabled. Delete this product by clicking on the “Delete” button;

– Select in the module the category of the product mentioned above and, in step 3/4, you uncheck the product that you don’t want to sell on eBay anymore. Synchronize and re-activate the category again.

Any suggestions are welcomed, feel free to share your experiences with us by clicking here.