300111 – Please choose a valid delivery service.

Error API 300111 : Please choose a valid delivery service. DomesticItemShippingService[0].shippingService

Explanation: eBay API refused listing because one of eBay carriers you selected is not valid. Carrier list provided by eBay contains invalid carriers ! This is due to the fact that carrier validity depends on many parameters, including eBay account, product, payment, etc… When configuring eBay module, you have chosen an invalid carrier in your context.

Solution: You have to change invalid carrier in module configuration, and choose another carrier. DomesticItemShippingService[0].shippingService – Domestic states for national carrier, – 0 states for 1st carrier in the list, see below (1 would state for second in list, etc…).

1 – Identify carrier

 2 – Click to change carrier 3 – Click “Save”, then launch a new synchronization.