87: The selected category is not a primary category

Error ebay: 87: The selected category is not a main category


The category has been configured in a wrong way (sub-category is missing) or the definition of the categories is not up to date.

Most common case: incomplete configuration, missing sub-category:

First, check that the category and sub-categories have been selected in the category configuration: click on modify the category and check your configuration.

Case of change of definitions by ebay
eBay often changes the definition of its categories. When this happens, the category chosen in Prestashop by the module no longer matches that of eBay updated. You therefore have two possibilities:



Find a category close enough and resynchronize. (sometimes poorly adapted to your case)


To do this, eBay2 module has necessary tools:
go to “Parameters / Tools / DEFINITION OF CATEGORIES & UPDATE ”

First of all, start the comparison, and check if it is appropriate and wise to go further depending on the result.
Attention, this operation can sometimes take time and freeze a few minutes on “30/31”, in this case, please wait until the end of the process.

If after comparing, you decide to launch the update, you will need to reconfigure your entire catalog on ebay. This is not due to a bug in the module but to the update by ebay of its own definitions.