Incompatibility with alert mail module

Incompatibility with alert mail module


If you have enabled the merchant notification of the native Email Alerts module to each new order, you will receive an email as below at each order.


Une nouvelle commande a été passée sur votre boutique Test par ce client : Client test
  DÉTAILS DE LA COMMANDE Commande : FIERJFIPER passée le 08/06/2016 Paiement : eBay PayPal 500  
Référence Produit Prix unitaire Quantité Prix total
MP797G7 Robe Imprimée 40,00 € 1 40,00 €
  40,00 €  
  0,00 €  
  Paquet cadeau  
  0,00 €  
  9,40 €  
  TVA totale  
  8,24 €  
  Total payé  
  49,40 €  
  TRANSPORTEUR : Livraison en 24/48h Carriere perso  


When an order is imported from eBay through the eBay Marketplace module, you also receive this email, but the total price may be wrong.
Don’t panic: the error is only present in the email you receive as a merchant:

– The consumer does not receive an email,
– The total price is correct in the Prestashop order.

Unfortunately, this is a known bug, which would be complicated to fix. We’re not looking at fixing this problem in the short term.