Add product codes to your eBay listings with eBay MarketPlace Module

Why EAN, MPN & ISBN codes becomes mandatory ? In order to improve search and browsing in its catalog, eBay has decided to require mandatory product codes on listings, starting on February 29, 2016. These codes provide detailed informations on product sold by merchants. They will also help eBay to better understand what eBay members search and purchase. To strengthen this obligation, listings including product codes will benefit from greater visibility and occupy a higher position in search results on eBay search engine. What is the difference between EAN, UPC, GTIN, ISBN & MPN ?

  • The Global Trade Item Number, also known as GTIN, is a generic term for any unique code that identifies a specific product.
  • The Manufacturer Part Number, also called MPN, is a number issued by each manufacturer in order to identify a specific product. This reference is not necessarily written on the product or its box. It is necessary to provide brand name with MPN because MPN is unique by brand / manufacturer, a same MNP can identify two different products accross two diffrent brands.

What categories are covered by the obligation? All categories are not affected by the requirement, please read eBay documentation that lists requirement by categories :

France United Kingdom Germany Italy Spain

3 – Different cases of product code configurations:

1 – PrestaShop configuration for synchronise the products codes with the module eBay Case

2: You do not have any product codes on your Prestashop products, you must send with the mention “EAN” in all cases

Case 3 : You have the EAN code but you don’t have the others codes.