Configuration eBay module

How configure the eBay module for synchronize the products codes on eBay

3 – Match fields references with PrestaShop eBay product codes in product characteristics You need to configuration The products codes on 2 tabs: 3.1 – Tab “Parameter” -under tab “Products Characteristics” The categories  which you synchronize your products PrestaShop, you will have mandatory fields on the tab “product characteristics”

  • If the product code “Brand” is mandatory, You need to inform this field and synchronize with the characteristic “Brand” on your prestashop.
  • If the product code ” ” or MPN is mandatory, You need to inform this field and synchronize with the characteristic “reference” on your prestashop.

Required fields:

ebay 1.12.3

Choice reference on prestashop :

ebay 1.12.3 11

3.2-  Tab “Paramters” in the block “Synchro EAN”

Associate the PrestaShop fields reference to the PrestaShop fields eBay The module allows to choose the prestashop field reference to use eBay product code: you will need to associate the eBay products codes that you want to complete an eBay reference field

  • If you don’t complete the EAN for all your products.  We recommend to use the eBay  field reference “Code-barres EAN-13 ou JAN”.
    • In the module configuration, you associate the eBay product code EAN with the PrestaShop field “Code-barres EAN-13 ou JAN”, and let the others products codes “doesn’t apply”.
  • If you complete the EAN field for some products using the “Code-barres EAN-13 ou JAN” and only the ISBN for book using the “Reference” field, you will associate:
    • EAN eBay with “Code-barres EAN-13 ou JAN”,
    • ISBN eBay with “Reference”,
    • Let others products codes to “doesn’t apply”

Attention, eBay rappelle que vos produits seront moins mis en avant si vous ne fournissez pas de référence produit. ebay EAN 4 – Synchronize all products or some products Go to the tap “synchronization” Choice the synchronization option you want :

  • Total synchronization
  • Synchronization some products

When you choice the option you want syncho ebay 5 – Verify if you products codes are synchronize Go to the tab “visualization” and tab “eBay listings”. Click on the product and verify if all informations are synchronize. If the products codes are ok.