Before Getting Started

Before you start working with the eBay module for PrestaShop you need to do a few things to set yourself up as an eBay business seller:

1. Create an eBay business seller account. For more information click here.

2. Create an eBay shop (not necessary, but recommended. (see details here)

3. Create a PayPal account. For more information click here .

4. Link your eBay and PayPal accounts

For more information on setting up an eBay seller account take a look at our guide for new business sellers on the eBay Seller Centre.

You also need to have your PrestaShop up and running and have access to the PrestaShop BackOffice.

If you are an eBay seller with a pre-existing, normally functioning eBay platform, please click here to learn more about importing a pre-existing eBay inventory.