Dispatch and Shipping

Duration of shipment:

The duration of the shipment is the time between the payment of the order and  shipment. In general, we recommend shipping within 3 working days from receipt of payment

The choice of this option will apply to all orders and will be displayed along with the delivery information on the listing of eBay products.

National deliveries:

Yo have to select, at least, one national delivery service.

Select a Prestashop carrier to allow the module to calculate the price of the delivery for use it on eBay.

It’s possible to indicate up to 4 delivery services through the button “Add a national delivery service”.

For each delivery service, additional charges may be defined: these charges will be used to calculate the price of delivery when the buyer orders more than one unit of the same product. More info here.

International deliveries:

In order to add an international delivery service, please choose a carrier from the Prestashop delivery options in order to use it for the international delivery service.

Then, be sure to select the countries / destinations included in the delivery service you have selected and detail the additional prices for each delivery option. You can choose up to 5 transport services. Carriers can be added by clicking on “Add an international carrier”. 

Note: This is not possible to choose two similar international carriers at the same time. Once you’ve chosen a carrier, it will be excluded from the carriers list.

How to exclude certain geographical areas: in this section you can check the countries or regions in which you do not want to deliver.

Note: The national and international delivery options for the eBay module are independent of the Prestashop shipping rules. However, it’s important that the Prestashop shipping rules are properly set to not affect certain functions of the eBay module.

For example: a seller has chosen to ship internationally on eBay and, at the same time, he puts limits in the delivery parameters of his Prestashop. These differences may cause some error messages when an eBay order is made in a country not included in the Prestashop settings.

Carriers linked to a module

On Prestashop, we can distinguish two types of carriers: “autonomous” and carriers linked to a specific module.

This last type of carrier is not displayed in the Ebay drop-down menu for technical reasons.