Dispatch and Shipping

            Dispatch time:

The Dispatch time is the time between the customer’s payment and the dispatch of the package.

Select a reasonable option from the drop down menu. Most regulations require that the seller dispatches within 1-3 working days of receiving an order. This chosen specification will remain similar for all orders and will be displayed with shipping information on eBay listing.

Domestic Shipping:

To add delivery service, please select a carrier from PrestaShop delivery options to be used to calculate shipping fees applied on eBay.

For each delivery service, an additional item shipping cost can be defined : this cost will be used to calculate shipping fees for an order of 2 or more same products (more info on additional shipping cost click here)

You must select at least one Domestic Shipping service. The seller may select up to 4 domestic shipping options. These can be added and configured by clicking [Add new domestic carrier].

International Shipping:

To add International Shipping service, please select a carrier from PrestaShop delivery options to be used for eBay international delivery service. Then select the approved countries of destination for this shipping method and detail the additional price per additional product for this specific shipping option. You may have in total up to 5 carrier options. More carriers can be added by clicking [Add new international carrier].

Exclude delivery regions:

Here, select the countries or regions in which you do not want to deliver by selecting the region listed. 


Shipping options for the eBay module are configured independently of the shipping settings in your PrestaShop back-office. Though it is important that your PrestaShop settings are correct and complete, as they will affect some of the function of the eBay module. Domestic carrier settings are linked directly to your PrestaShop carriers and must be configured similarly.

In PrestaShop, there are 2 types of carriers: “standalone” & carriers linked to modules. This last type is not displayed in the dropdown list of carriers, which is normal due to technical constraints.

International carriers do not have to be configured the same way – a seller may chose to allow worldwide shipping on the eBay module, and have a more restricted set of shipping options on their PrestaShop delivery configurations. This difference may result in error messages when an eBay order is placed for a region outside the area allowed by your PrestaShop configuration. To retrieve this order, you must enable that region.