Listing parameters

EAN sync

See section « codes produits annonces eBay »

Return Policy:

Setting return conditions: Professional sellers must accept returns under Distance Selling Regulations

Professional sellers must allow at least 14 days for the buyer to return the purchased item.

Now choose who pays for the return shipping, the vendor or the buyer.

Any other additional information will be displayed with item return policy on each listing page.

Size of the photos

You can select the size of your main photo and the size you want to include in your description. All photos must respect the eBay rules regarding the use of images.

Default Picture – This is what corresponds to the main photo of the product and which will appear in the search results and product sheet.

Main photo – this is what corresponds to the photo that will be displayed by default in the description of each ad.

Photo thumbnail – This photo will be displayed as a thumbnail in the ad description.

(NB: To be able to understand the definition of each value (thickbox_default small_default, ecc …), you can click on “Preferences> images” in the PrestaShop menu on the left and see all the dimensions related to the different values.)

Number of additional photos & Upload new photos of the product the next time you synchronize – These fields allow you to add new photos during synchronization. Click here to learn more.

Listing Duration:

Sales time is the period for which your sale is active on eBay. You can choose a product life of 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, or 30 days or ‘Good ‘Til Canceled.’ This last option automatically renews your products every 30 days unless all stock for that product has been sold, you close the sales manually, or the sale does not meet eBay conditions. This is the default setting in order to save time on re-listing items. Note: Good Till Canceled and, in some countries 30 days, are only available to merchants who own a shop inside the eBay marketplace.