Order Recovery Time

If you are unable to synchronize Ebay commands on your Ebay 2.0 module, please verify that in the module settings ( Settings > 3.Order settings) the order recovery time option > is not zero

If the recovery time is zero, the module will not be able to retrieve eBay commands. We advise you to select a number of days in which our module can retrieve commands (for example, you can configure your module to synchronize commands for the last 14 days).

This parameter is used to choose how many days you go back in time. If the merchant synchronise very regularly (cron task or a lot of traffic), it can reduce to a few days. If the merchant does not synchronize regularly (especially little traffic and uncron synchronization), then it is necessary to put a lot, for example 30. Finally, if the customer has many orders on eBay, example more than 20/ days, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the number of days, so make sure that the synchronization is done regularly