Photo Size

In this tab, select the size of your main photo and the ones you want to include in your description.

All photos must adhere to eBay’s rules for the use of images.

Default Photo – this option configures the size of the main product photo that will appear in the search results and on the product sheet.

Main Photo – with this option we configure the size of the photo that will be displayed by default in the description of each ad.

Photo thumbnail – with this option we configure the size of the thumbnail in the description of the ad.

Number of additional photos & Send new pictures of the product during the next synchronization – These fields allow you to add new photos during synchronization.

The eBay API can reject ads because of the size of the product’s photos does not match with the imposed limits.

Thank you to delete in your PrestaShop catalog the photos of the products that give the error on the eBay module and reload them with right size.
Afterwards, try the synchronization again.