In this section you can find differents tools for eBay2


This section is used to download the API log or the module log.

Database Check:

Through this option you can check the eBay database. This is useful if you are experiencing a synchronization problem or unusual errors in the module. The “Check Database” tool instantly checks and corrects the entire database used by the eBay module.

Category definition & Update

Through these options, you can check the list of eBay categories used in the module and start the update for category definitions if there is a problem with synchronization.

For more detailed information on common issues, you should read the following article: common category configuration issues.

Category Definition Comparison Tool: This tool allows you to compare the definition of the eBay and Prestashop categories.

Category Definition Update Tool: This tool allows you to update the category definition between eBay and Prestashop.

Reload eBay Categories: This tool allows you to update on Prestashop the eBay categories that have been modified / added.