Orphan listings

The “Orphan listings” tab displays eBay listings created and displayed by the module but are no longer synchronized on the marketplace by the module. The reasons why these listings are not synchronized can be many. The fact that the listings are no more synchronized depends mainly on the fact that the default PrestaShop category where there are products that have been converted into “orphaned listing« has been removed / disabled in our module. The list details the status of each lone product, providing its eBay listing, the name in PrestaShop (if available), whether or not the product was disabled (the status will read ‘disabled’ if the product has been disabled from the PrestaShop catalog), the variations set in PrestaShop for that product, and like the previous pages, the PrestaShop and eBay categories. Right of the eBay category, there is column stating whether or not the eBay category supports multi-version listings. This may affect the listing for that product, when as stated in [Settings] an eBay category does not support variations, it will publish separate listings for each variation of the product. The “Sync enabled” column indicates the sync status of the product listing. If this column is set to “No,” or is blank, the default category of this product has not been synchronized. In this case, verify all other indications, checking that the item is properly configured and enabled in the PrestaShop catalog, then you may synchronize the product again. Since products cannot be imported from eBay with this module, if the listed product does not exist in your PrestaShop catalog and you wish to keep the product, you must delete the listing and re-create the product in the PrestaShop catalog before re-synchronizing.