Associations of product categories between eBay and PrestaShop

Associating PrestaShop product categories with eBay categories is a fundamental step for the functioning of the module.

To start the association, go to the “Listings” tab then “List Categories” and click on “Add a category“.

The association takes place in 4 steps: 

Step 1

Here you will need to specify: 

  • The PrestaShop product category
  • The corresponding category on eBay
  • The corresponding category of your eBay store 

Make sure that the chosen PrestaShop category is a “Main” category. A product is actually associated with a category only when it appears as the main category. The products to be imported must therefore be associated with the category chosen as the main category. 

For example, you want to export all the products from the category “Home > Accessories > Stationery” to eBay. 

In the following image, the product is nested in this subcategory, but the main category is “Accessories”.

By associating the “Stationery” category with the eBay module, the product will not be exported to eBay because this category is not the main category of the product.

To make the synchronization process work correctly, you will have to change the main product category and choose “Stationery”.

Before continuing, it is also possible to specify an impact on the price by choosing an exact amount or a percentage. 

If you have created commercial conditions on your eBay account, the module will ask you which ones to associate with the products you are about to publish.

If no commercial conditions have already been created on eBay, the module will not display this section.

Step 2

Combine the characteristics of the PrestaShop product with that of eBay products. Certain categories of products on eBay require you to specify additional characteristics.

See Item Specifics (

In this case, it will be necessary to create the characteristics requested on PrestaShop and enter a value in the new field before synchronization.

Step 3 

At this time, you can choose whether to exclude certain products from synchronization.

Choose then confirm the list of products that will be synchronized on eBay.

Step 4 :

Check the association, then save the changes. 


Step 5 : Start again 

Repeat the operation to associate a new category.

From module version 2.1.9, categories already synchronized are highlighted with red color.

The products will be sent to eBay according to the options defined in the module: 

– At the end of the association process
– when running the CRON task. 

The eBay module displays the date and time of the last synchronization.