Synchronisation BOOST mode toEbay

Synchronisation BOOST mode to Ebay

The Boost mode is a mode of the eBay2 module that allows you to run the parallel synchronization (up to 5 tasks) of products immediately after activation.

Its clear interface also allows to track the progress of this task in real time. The Boost mode can be used regardless of the synchronization mode chosen in the module settings (at recording or by tache cron).

To enable Boost mode, click “Boost” in the top bar of the eBay2 module

Once started, all tasks in expectations are activated sequentially with a maximum of 5 simultaneous tasks. These tasks synchronize the annonce created or modified since the last synchronization.

Attention: the BOOST modality synchronizes up to 5.000 products to the maximum, is not possible to use it for a higher product number

Attention: During this process, the pop-in window should not be closed, otherwise the “Boost” mode will stop.