eBay Frequently Asked Questions

1) An update is available, how do I install it? If you have already installed a version of the module and a new version is available, you can update it easily by downloading the zip file via the “Modules” tab in your back office. Do not reinstall (uninstall/ install) the module as this would remove all settings and product references between eBay and PrestaShop. For more information click here: https://help.202-ecommerce.com/faq/manual-module-update/

2) My eBay orders are not imported, what should I do? First, make sure you have the latest version of the module here. Then, it is necessary that:

  • the order is confirmed and paid on eBay.
  • the products it contains are in stock and have been synchronized via the eBay module.

The “orders history” tab provides information about the reasons of any sync or import failures.

3) I wish I could import orders from eBay to PrestaShop without syncing my products. Is this possible? Yes, it is possible. To do this enter the same value in the field “Reference” in the product description on PrestaShop and in the field “CustomLabel” for this product on eBay which you can find in your “Active listings” tab in your eBay Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro. After doing this the module will be able to match products and orders are automatically imported into PrestaShop every 30 minutes.

4) All of my products are listed in the “Other” category in my eBay shop. Yet in the eBay module I configured the “Categories settings” tab. What is the problem? The configuration of categories in the “Categories settings“ tab refers only to the regular eBay categories, not your customized shop categories. The module does not yet support listing items on eBay in your individual shop categories which is why they all are placed in “Other” in your shop. For now, the only way to assign shop categories to these listings is on eBay by editing the active listings, either individually or in the bulk editing flow in the “Active listings” tab in your Selling Manager or Selling ManagerPro. If you make more changes to these eBay listings via the module afterwards the assigned shop categories will not be affected and remain in place.

5) I want to sell to other countries – is this possible? You can currently list on eBay sites at: – ebay.com – ebay.es – ebay.fr – ebay.ie – ebay.nl – ebay.pl – befr.ebay.be – benl.ebay.be – ebay.ch – ebay.at – ebay.it – ebay.de – ebay.co.uk – ebay.com.au – ebay.ca – cafr.ebay.ca – ebay.com.hk – ebay.in – ebay.com.my – ebay.ph – ebay.com.sg With a PrestaShop account, you can list on several eBay sites. If you offer shipping buyers in Europe or around the world in these regions, you can also find their listing on their eBay sites (for example, German buyers on eBay.de).

6) When I want to sync my products with eBay, the module tells me that there are 0 products to synchronize although I do have products. What is the problem? For a product to be synced with eBay by the module, two conditions need to be fulfilled: – The product has to be in stock with a quantity of at least 1 – The PrestaShop categories that your products are in have to matched with an eBay category in the “Categories settings” tab. The reason for the sync failure could be that your products are in the in the PrestaShop default category which might not be matched with an eBay category. To resolve this you should change the PrestaShop default category of the product to one that is matched to an eBay category.

7) I cannot register my module when I authenticate on eBay, the module does not respond and the loading symbol continues to run. What is the problem? First, try clearing the browser cookies and try again. If it still does not work, please try a different browser. Skip permissions of / ebay / ajax 755 OR There is a difference between the registered user in the module used and the member to connect to eBay Lastly, try logging out of ebay completely, then click the redirect button on the module above the loading icon and log in again. Still, remember to enter the same login you used to register the module.

8) What are multi variation listings? Instead of creating a number of separate listings for a product that has a choice of options, you can create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer. For example, a T-shirt might come in multiple colors and sizes. Buyers can select which variation they want to purchase from the single listing. (see eBay help here: http://pages.ebay.co…variations.html) The eBay module allows you to list your multi variation PrestaShip products as multi variation listings on eBay. However only selected eBay categories (e.g. Fashion) support this feature. To successfully list your multi variation products on eBay you have to ensure that you list them in an eBay category that supports this feature (those marked with * in “Categories settings” tab section of the eBay module).

9) When I import my products to PrestaShop via csv, via a module or directly through phpMyAdmin these products are not listed on eBay. Why?  Synchronization with eBay happens only in the following cases: – When you click “Sync” in the “eBay sync” tab in the module – When you add / edit / delete a product via the PrestaShop product page and this product is in a category that is synchronized with eBay – When a product sells on PrestaShop – When a product sells on eBay (paid eBay orders are automatically imported every 30 minutes).

10) I cannot export products with more than 120 variations. Unfortunately the eBay API limits the number to 120 variations but you can add more manually by editing the item on eBay.

11) Is there any need to create an eBay shop to use the PrestaShop module? No, there is no need to have an eBay shop to use the PrestaShop eBay module. Without a shop subscription, your eBay insertion fees will be significantly lower and reduce your upfront cost. The eBay help page with all the relevant information is here: http://pages.ebay.co…/storefees.html  For more information about eBay Shops and the eBay module, click here.

12) How to uninstall the module completely? Warning: This operation erases the entire eBay configurations but may be sometimes necessary. Once uninstalled, the links between the eBay listings and the PrestaShop products will be lost. You will need to delete your products on ebay and relist all your products. 

Step one:  Retrieve shop email address: => Go to “Preferences” => “Store Contacts” => ” Contact details” retrieve the email address of the store

Step two:  You must go to the eBay module. Once on the first page of the eBay module, add this sequence to the end of your search bar URL after the last “_name=ebay&” : => To the end of the URL in the address bar “&DELETE_EVERYTHING_EBAY=Shop email” (add the email address you retrieved earlier in place of “Shop email“) This means that you must have in your address bar this: “http: //myshop.co…odule_name=ebay&DELETE_EVERYTHING_EBAY=Shop email” => Click enter => Reload the page The eBay module is uninstalled properly   If, despite this list, you are still unable to configure your module, please report a bug on the PrestaShop forum:  http://forge.prestas…/Dashboard.jspa or

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