Installation, activation and upgrade of the module


 There are three stages to get modules up and running:

1. Availability of the module on the webshop

If the module cannot be found in your PrestaShop back office or you are not using the current version (v1.12) go to the PrestaShop add-on page and search for eBay. Or go directly to eBay add-on page. From there you can download the module file and save it on your computer so you can install it in your PrestaShop.

The eBay module is distributed with PrestaShop, so it should always be available in your PrestaShop.

For more information:

Downloading the zip-file

Or: Download zip-file from

2. Installation of the module

When you install the module, it is linked to PrestaShop and activated. You will then need to configure the module.

3. Deactivation/activation

Deactivation allows you to remove a module but keeps its configuration in case you want to use it again later.

     Find the module & install it

Once the module is available in your PrestaShop, you will need to find the module to install it.

Click on the modules tab and then search for eBay. You’ll need to check that you’ve got the latest version 1.12. If you do not have this version you will need to download the latest module file and upgrade. See next step

Add / upgrade module

 If the module is not in your PrestaShop installation or you need to upgrade download the latest zip file from the PrestaShop add-on page. Then click on “Add a module” and click on “Choose file”.

For more information about how to perform a manual module update: