Module Overview

Advantages of the eBay module

Easily and quickly synchronize your eBay products and orders with PrestaShop.

  • Fast synchronization, even for large catalogs: The new synchronization engine ensures rapid updating.
  • Available for all countries where eBay is present: No longer be limited in the international development of your business!
  • Detection system for rejected publications: To have full control of your stock and synchronization

How does the eBay module work?

The module allows you to easily synchronize the products in your Prestashop catalog with your eBay account.

1. For each new item created on Prestashop, a new ad will be created on eBay with the new product.

2. Your customers buy the items from eBay and pay with PayPal.

3. Orders are then copied to the Prestashop Back-Office and stocks are synchronized with Prestashop.

4. When a tracking number is entered for an order in your back office, it will also be synchronized with eBay.



How to import the already existing eBay catalog?

The eBay module doesn’t allow you to import items already present on your eBay store. To start using the module, ideally, you should have a barely created eBay account with a catalog still empty and export the catalog from Prestashop.

But we know that often this is not possible because the merchants already have a well organized eBay store.

To this end, 202-ecommerce offers a paid service to help you make the first synchronization and import your Ebay catalog to Prestashop easily.

More information on this service here:

Feature List

* Management of national and international carriers
* Delivery rate calculated with the PrestaShop grid
* Multi-profile, multi-country & multi-account eBay
* Customize the description of the ad by model
* Synchronization of quantities and prices
* Import orders
* Sending the tracking number of parcels
* Product code support (EAN, MPN, ISBN, etc …)
* Correspondence of eBay store categories
* Sync Logs
* Fast synchronization with or without CRON task
* Error report and help with the correction
* Batch synchronization processing
* Recovery your previous configuration
* Unlimited support included for 3 months
* Module made with eBay partnership