Multiple eBay accounts

eBay module allows merchants to create multiple profils. Each profil is a complete configuration of the module, with no link between profil contents.

This feature allows you to connect PrestaShop with more than one eBay site, and/or more than one eBay accounts. Most seller use this feature to :
– Sell on eBay with 2 different accounts,
– Sell on multiple eBay sites.

Profil example :

eBay account eBay site Catalog lanuage Catalog
luxe_seller eBay UK English 3 categories
luxe_seller eBay Spain Spanish 3 categories
cheap_seller eBay UK English 1 categorie
vendeur_luxe eBay France French 5 categories


If you whish to sell on foreign countries, you should read this article, which explains possible strategies : one eBay account per eBay site, or one eBay account for all sites.