Payment Support

PayPal is currently the only supported payment method with this version of the eBay module. Other methods including Credit or Debit Cards processed through the seller’s internet merchant account, electronic checks, money orders, Skrill, ProPay, and others are not supported.

The eBay module exists as a intermediary interface to eBay from your PrestaShop back-office. Because of this, there is no reason to modify settings directly in the eBay platform. However, if the seller does access their settings through the eBay platform and changes accepted payments to include anything other than or in addition to PayPal, the orders made with non-accepted payment methods will not be synchronized to the module, and the PrestaShop stock may not be appropriately reduced, even though the customer has placed an order.

In the event that payment by check is allowed on the seller’s eBay platform, orders placed with this payment method will synchronize but payment must be manually checked and approved by the seller in their PrestaShop backoffice.