Frequently Asked Questions about (almost) all of our modules

Are your modules compatible with Prestashop’s multi-shop mode?

The multi shop mode allows you to host several e-commerce shops on the same Prestashop administration. The advantage of acquiring a module integrating this functionality is that several configuration interfaces appear in the back office.

Do your modules allow you to use different types of currency?

Our modules are based on the native features of Prestashop. The integration of a new currency by the back office tools is therefore fully compatible with our modules.

I can not download the module from the addons platform, what can I do?

Aie! This is called a shell. Sometimes, the platform “Prestashop Addons” may encounter anomalies. In this case, please contact Prestashop who will help you to solve your problem.

Is there an incompatibility between your modules and those offered by other developers?

Unfortunately it is impossible to test the compatibility of our modules with the entire Prestashop catalog. However, please note that our developers respecting the development standards imposed by PrestaShop limit configuration conflicts with other modules.

Are your modules compatible with my version of Prestashop?

We do everything to make all of our modules compatible with all Prestashop versions. Sometimes it happens that one of our modules is not yet compatible with the latest version of Prestashop. If you are interested in our module, while this module is not yet fully compatible with your version of Prestashop, do not hesitate to contact us via our support ( We will do our utmost to work on version compatibility.

Are your modules compatible with all Prestashop themes?

Our modules meet the development standards of PrestaShop, and should therefore be compatible with your theme. Sometimes, some themes do not fully respect the rules of development imposed by Prestashop, which can lead in particular to a conflict of class between your theme and our module. It is preferable in this case to contact the developer of your theme to make changes. Indeed, the conflict you encounter is likely to recur with other modules. If, however, you want our team to adapt our program to your theme we will be delighted to achieve a specific development.