How to perform a manual module update ?

General information

Once a new version of a module is finished by a module programmer, module is sent to PrestaShop. Prestashop reviews module, and if review is successful, module is published on prestaShop Addons. Once published, an “Update it” button appears ! this button run an automatic update.

This all process can takes multiple days, so you may need to manually update a module (from a zip file). Manuel update process To perform a manual update of a module, you just need to install the new version as a new module (on top of previous version without uninstall) from zip. Step by step update of ebay module:

1. Go the module list, and click add a new module:

2. Below, click on choose a file and then on upload this module. You have to upload the module zip file of the new module version.

3. Module is upgraded !

4. If you search for module, you will notice module version has changed