Import eBay for Prestashop


Do you have an eBay store with hundreds of references, and you want to import them into Prestashop? The Import eBay module, enables you to quickly and simply import a range of products.

202-ecommerce decided to create the Import eBay module after realising that a seller with a Prestashop store can easily launch products on eBay with the eBay synchronisation tool for Prestashop, but the reverse was not possible.

In fact, a seller with an eBay store wanting to create a PrestaShop store by synchronising with eBay, has no tool to do so without losing the seniority of their advertising.

The Import eBay module allows you to set up Prestashop products corresponding to the eBay advertising, including (invisible) assocation with the eBay advertisement. When you next use the eBay synchronisation module for Prestashop, the existing advertisements on eBay are then updated and not replaced.

To use the Import eBay module you have to have previously installed “Ebay, Marketplace”. This will allow you to export the list of products created on Prestashop onto eBay and update your advertisement. This module allows you to easily manage the categories that have determined your products.

The Import eBay module can respond to an unsupported feature in the “eBay Marketplace” module. As a seller, you may be using eBay more than Prestashop and you want to import everything quickly onto your website without having to enter your product pages again. The Import Ebay module is perfect for the task.

Finally, “Import eBay” is dedicated to importing products onto your website and the “eBay Marketplace” module synchronizes / exports your Prestashop products into your eBay store. With these two modules, you will no longer have to go on Ebay to check your messages and statistics. Creating an advertisement will therefore be entirely from your website in PrestaShop. The Import eBay module is almost uniquely used for managing your advertising going through the “eBay Marketplace” module. So once your imported products are showing in PrestaShop, they can then be synchronised with existing eBay listings.