Sync with the official eBay module

After importing your eBay products into your Prestashop store with the Import eBay module, you must now synchronise your store. The official eBay module allows you to synchronise content information to your Prestashop product sheets and quantities available after an order, with your eBay store.

To begin synchronisation you must now enter the rest of the settings requested in your eBay module. If needed, a help aid is available at

Settings :
⦁ Complete the account details and conditions of return.

To find the same values, we suggest :
⦁ Product location : 75009 (Paris)
⦁ Return conditions : Returns accepted.
⦁ Return within : 14 days
⦁ Who is paying : the buyer
⦁ And we would leave the « other information » field empty.
⦁ Time of sale :
⦁ « Valid until cancellation »
⦁ Choose image required image size
⦁ Home_default
⦁ Large_default
⦁ Small_default


Here you must make the link between your Prestashop and eBay categories.

Product features:
This step enables you to make a link between specific product fields on Prestashop and specific fields on eBay. Here are some examples of specific fields that you can find on this page:
⦁ Colour
⦁ Compatible brand
⦁ Compatible model
⦁ Unit quantity
⦁ Type
⦁ Unit of measure

Here you can schedule a shipping time and select a carrier to use.

Product Template & Synchronisation

The default template configuration is in place and so you don’t need to change anything in the synchronisation tab for the moment.

Synchronising products through eBay

Once the product information has been completed, the module must now be synchronized by going to the tab “6. Product Synchronisation.” We recommend that you select only one category initially and begin synchronisation. You can now see the result of this operation on eBay. If you do find any errors relating to the eBay Marketplace module being badly configured you can select the complete range of the categories created.