Frequently asked questions

Gestion des erreurs rencontrées

Missing product for SKU prestashop_*_** : This error appears when your product has already been imported into the Prestashop environment. The import eBay module only allows you to import your eBay products one time. After the first usage, in case products are deleted from the Prestashop catalogue, you cannot import your products again. This security has been put in place to avoid any inconsistencies with the “Ebay marketplace” module which might disrupt or change your Ebay account. To resolve any problems that may occur you can contact us directly at

Only FixedPriceItem are allowed (format Chinese) : If you see this error message it is because you have attempted to import a type of advertisement not supported by our programme. To find out more about the functions within our programme, go to chapter **

The price shown is not the same as that on ebay : The price shown is excluding VAT to which Prestashop add a default tax in line with VAT. You can change this tax amount by going directly to the product sheet concerned.

Frequently asked questions

Is your module available in my language ? When you download our module, it will automatically be set to English and French. If you would like to add a new language, you can click on “translate” to do so.

Can I use Import Ebay without using Ebay Marketplace ? No, as explained in the first chapter, the two modules are closely linked.  Therefore you cannot use Import eBay without the eBay module

What is the lowest version of the « Ebay Marketplace » model to install? The minimum version you should have is 1.10 for the module.  You can make an update from your Prestashop environment or directly at

Where do I find the personal identification number for my products (item ID) ?


To find the item ID for your products couldn’t be easier. Go to the advertisement that you would like to import and select the numeric reference indicated on the screenshot, as shown above.

Quels sont les types d’annonces prises en charge lors de l’import ? Our module supports all eBay listings excluding auction and immediate purchases accompanied by an auction.

What types of advertisements are supported when importing? When transferring your products from your eBay store in PrestaShop, the following information is imported:
⦁ Product illustration
⦁ Item name
⦁ Product condition: new second-hand
⦁ Product text description
⦁ Price excluding VAT
⦁ Quantity
⦁ Product versions including quantities and prices

Why isn’t it easier to manually set up products in Prestashop and then use the eBay synchronisation module for Prestashop  ?

1/ Creating new advertisements : eBay does not recognise products that you have set up. There will not be a connection between the current products in your Prestashop store and those in your eBay store. You will therefore have to delete your eBay products in order to synchronise your Prestashop products onto eBay.

2/ Loss of seniority : By using the method in point 1 you will lose the products’ level of seniority gained on eBay. This means that you will lose the position earned by advertisements, (lists and search results) as well as notes.