Accept payments by credit card without requiring access to the PayPal account

PayPal Official module offers the possibility to accept payments by credit (or debit) card without using a PayPal account. We refer to this option as “Guest checkout”.

The guest checkout is available for all countries except:
France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta

You can set this option in the module configuration panel.

Starting from version 5.2.x, it is no longer possible to force the activation or deactivation of Guest checkout only via the module configuration (except for merchants with an account registered in Mexico or Brazil, that have a specific system for the payment by card).

As well as in the back office, you will also need to activate this option on the PayPal merchant account.

So, to receive guest checkout payments, login in your PayPal account then click on Seller Tools > Website preferences 

Find the option “PayPal account optional” and Select “On”.

If you wish to accept card payments, you can also consider using the PrestaShop Checkout module.