PayPal Integral Evolutions

When using your Paypal Integral Evolutions Plus account to accept payments through the PayPal module and your website, there are four major use-cases to be aware of, which could cause some operational trouble.

  • 1st case: the merchant using Integral Evolutions Plus chooses to use the iframeintegration of PayPal’s account process in their checkout area, and DOES NOTactivate the mobile theme.

Result: Some browsers will block the loading of the PayPal iframe, resulting in a Javascript error. By blocking a method of payment, the merchant risks losing these customers, as they might leave their order.

Solution: Make sure the mobile theme is always activated when using the iframe feature of PayPal’s payment solutions.


  • 2nd case:  The merchant uses Integral Evolutions Plus and DOES NOT activate their mobile theme, and selects the payment redirect option rather than the iframe option in the module back-office.

Result: The customer will be redirected away from their checkout process to the classic PayPal payments page to complete order payment and confirmation. If you want to prevent your customer from leaving your site at any point, select the iframe option, and make sure to enable the mobile theme.


  • 3rd case: The merchant uses Integral Evolutions Plus and enables the mobile theme.

Result: Both with and without the iframe activation, when the mobile theme is activated the merchant has enabled express checkout. However, they must properly update their API Identifier. The express checkout function will otherwise receive a javascript error message and the customer will not be able to complete order payment.