« An error occurred during the request »

Our Stripe module has been tested to function properly in a native Prestashop environment. But sometimes a mistake can happen:

This error arrives in Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 and its cause is not to be searched in our module but elsewhere

In fact, the error is caused by changes made in the Prestashop files, such as Overrides, javascript, changing the theme (the Stripe module uses the native CSS classes of Prestashop) and installing another module.
These changes can block calls made by Stripe if the module contains errors.   In summary, any changes made to a native Prestashop site may be the cause of this error that appears at the time of payment, in the checkout page.

Attention: this error is definitely not caused by the Stripe module.

We advise you to do a payment test with Stripe on your PREPRODUCTION environment by making sure to configure in your backoffice, in “Advanced settings => Performances” put in debug mode :
– “Disable modules not developed by Prestashop” at YES
– “Disable all overloads” at YES.

This process allows to make a payment test by starting from a native Prestashop (without Overrides or non-native Prestashop modules).
Don’t forget to reactivate the Stripe module in the Prestashop “Modules” page!
If payment is a success, it is confirmation that the concern does not come from our module.
It will therefore be necessary to contact Your web agency so that it can make possible modifications compatible with our Stripe module.