How do you do payments test on Stripe?

Stripe integrates a TEST mode to verify that the module is working properly.

This mode can be useful for:

– test the site before launch

– test different financial services

– test payments with voucher

– test payments with 3D secure control.

Doing this type of test is very simple.

You have first to configure Stripe in test mode, through the configuration page.

To start the tests, don’t forget to enter TEST keys.

After these preliminary operations, youcan start your test.

If you want make test on your production site, we advise you to activate the test mode just enough time to make the payment or, even bettere, to put the site in “Maintenance” mode.

Add an item to your cart and go through the payment procedure by choosing “Pay by card”.

At this point, you can use a test card:

You can use the different test cards to test different financial services.

For example:

– with the 4242 4242 4242 4242 card you will make a test on the Visa service.

– with the 5555 5555 5555 4444 card you will carry out a test on the Mastercard service.

Other test cards are available to check international payments and payments with 3D secure control.

To make the test payment, other data will also be required

– card expiration date: you can enter any date in the future

– 3-digit card control code: you can enter any code

– postal code: you can enter any postal code.

Remember that Stripe needs a minimum amount. For example, you cannot buy products for less than € 0.50.

Here is the complete list of minimum amounts accepted for each currency:

If you encounter an error during your tests, don’t hesitate to contact the support service via this link:

Remember to provide a brief description of the error and details of the test command that produced the error:

– item purchased

– Carrier chosen

– Currency used

– Voucher used