Why do I see several incomplete payments on my Stripe Dashboard?

Many users write to our support service because they see incomplete payment attempts in their Stripe Dashboard.

These are log messages that are automatically created by Stripe.

Incomplete payment messages do not indicate that potential buyers have had problems on Stripe or that Stripe is not working.

These logs are part of Stripe’s module standard behavior.

In fact, when a customer arrives at the payment page, a first “payment intent” is immediately generated

After that, if the payment is completed, another message is generated in the Stripe dashboard. In this case, the message “payment success” and the amount received will appear on the Stripe dashboard.

But, if the cart is abandoned or customer choose a different method Stripe log will display an “Incomplete payment” message on Dashboard.

If your site offers other payment methods to buyers, it is possible that the purchase was made without using Stripe.

But, very often, happens that the carts are abandoned before payment.