The new Stripe 2.1 module is available for download.

Stripe module Version 2.1, is now available: it’s simpler, safer and allows your customers to use new payment methods.

Check out the most important changes of release 2.X:

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant, according to the DSP2 directive. You can have more information here:
  • Ready to accept payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Payments can be manually authorized. Important: You will have to capture the payment within 7 days
  • Customers can choose to save cards 
  • Automatic webhook configuration in the Stripe dashboard
  • Visual improvement of the module dashboard                                           

The new version also presents two important technical changes:

  • The update of Stripe.js to version 3.
  • Update of PHP Stripe SDK from v4.1.0 to v6.35.0

What are the changes made by this new version of Stripe?

1. Changes in the control panel configuration

In the control panel, you will not find the “Payment” tab.
It’s possible to have an overview of the orders of your shop via the tab “Orders” in the Prestashop Panel.

2. Modifications in the Payment form

– The images of accepted payment systems (the credit card illustration) aren’t displayed next to the button “Pay by card” by default.

– The new form is displayed on a single line and the name of the cardholder is no longer required.

However, it’s possible to activate all these elements through the Stripe configuration panel:

– You can enable the field “owner’s name”. This guarantees better payment performance with 3D secure.

– The logos of the accepted cards can be selected one by one.

3. The 3D secure options are no longer accessible in the module. Now, to configure the 3D secure, you have to access to your Dashboard Stripe and, in the settings, click on “Radar”.

Updates introduced with version 2.0.7

– Sofort is now available in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Netherlands
– Compatibility with the Legal Compliance module
– Improved compatibility with the Apple Pay payment system
– Ability to enable / disable additional graphic elements (Stripe logo, credit card logos)

How to configure Stripe to accept payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay?

To offer these methods of payment, you have to activate the option in the Stripe configuration panel by ticking the corresponding box.

However, these payment methods have specific needs.

Apple Pay will only be displayed on Safari browser on:

– Mac running macOS Sierra or later with a TouchID.

– An iPhone or an iPad with TouchID and with a card saved in his wallet.

Finally, make sure you have verified your domain with Apple Pay.

Google Pay will be displayed on desktop if these conditions are guaranteed:

– The version of Chrome 61 or newer is installed.

– A credit card has been registered.

On mobile, the user have to use:

– The Chrome Mobile Browser for Android.

– The version of Chrome 61 or newer.

– An active Google Pay card or a saved card.

No additional configuration is required to activate Google Pay.

Module known problems

1) Incompatibility with Onepage Checkout modules (OPC)

Unfortunately, there is a code compatibility problem with some modules that modify the checkout funnel. Stripe provides the necessary “hooks” for the other modules, but some of them are not able to read the hooks correctly.

Solution: disable the Onepage Checkout module.

2) Missing payment information on the Stripe Dashboard

Some users tell us that Stripe doesn’t transfer some order information such as the buyer’s email or buyer’s name to Dashboard.

We have investigated this problem, without being able to reproduce it.
In a standard Prestashop environment and with themes compatible with Prestashop, this problem doesn’t appear.
The problem is often specific to the site or theme of the seller.

3) Fatal error after installing the module

From version 2.0 the Stripe module requires that the version of PHP installed on the server be updated to at least 5.6.
You can check the version of PHP installed on your server via the Prestashop menu:
Advanced settings> Information

If the version of PHP installed on the server is older than 5.6, we recommend contacting the host and request an update. Installing the new version of Stripe on a server that has an obsolete version of PHP generates a “Fatal error” message in the back office that could block access to the Prestashop Dashboard.

Solution: If access to the back office is blocked, you will need to access the server via FTP and rename the stripe_officiel folder.
Then contact the server to request an upgrade of the PHP version.